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The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021

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Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are Samsung’s most prominent three flagships of mobile phones in 2020. Along with that, accessory firms also launch a lot of products for better protection accessories. Especially the leather case, the back cover are two accessories that can effectively protect the safety of the phone. We will show you the best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case in this post.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is just launched and is the most advanced smartphone of Samsung until now. And of course, to protect this phone, you also need to have a strong and reliable as well as highly protective case to keep your device safe. In this post, I will summarize for you some case models for the Galaxy S21 Ultra so you have more information in choosing a case for you.

New interesting things of the new Galaxy S21 Ultra compared to other Galaxy series 

In addition to the camera improvements, the most advanced model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, also supports the S-Pen stylus, the accessory that was previously exclusive to the Galaxy Note series.

However, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will not be included with the S-Pen and if there is a need to use, users are required to buy separately for $39.99. Samsung said the S21 Ultra also shares the same S-Pen stylus taken from other Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab devices.

S21 Ultra is the only Galaxy S smartphone with S-Pen support at the moment, but users still have to buy S-Pen and case with S-pen separately.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 1

For the Galaxy S21 Ultra, users can use the S-Pen to perform familiar features like drawing, writing notes, editing photos, and signing documents. In terms of the design, the new S-Pen is made slightly larger than the one of the Galaxy Note, but still has a button on the side. As expected, Samsung will launch the larger S-Pen Pro later this year, equipped with Bluetooth and support for non-touch gestures.

Unlike the Galaxy Note series smartphones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra will not have an integrated slot to hold the stylus. Instead, Samsung will sell a special case to hold the S-Pen for $69.99 when buying with a stylus.

Obviously, using a case to carry the S-Pen isn’t as convenient as plugging the pen straight into the smartphone. On the other hand, not everyone is interested and wishing to use the S-Pen sold with the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Why should you use phone case for S21 Ultra?

Cases and holsters are two popular accessories that almost anyone who uses a smartphone should equip for the general purpose of protection. Here are the advantages of using an S21 case to help users better understand its importance.

Protect your phone against forces

Samsung S21 Series phones are designed with a relatively large size so that they will not avoid bumps or falls. When you equip a phone case for Samsung S21 (Plus, Ultra), it will limit the force impact directly on the phone, affecting other components inside.

Variant styles

Sometimes when you use Samsung S21 Ultra for a long time, you will feel bored and want to change colors. The use of a phone case can also help you change the colors to suit you, further enhancing the aesthetics of your phone.

Hold your phone steady in your hand

The Samsung S21 Ultra is designed to be thin so it feels uncertain when handling. When you equip a case or holster, case Samsung S21 will make you feel with the right grip and thickness so that when you hold, it will be more secure.

The case for Samsung Galaxy s21 helps limit scratches

In addition to limiting impact, when users equip a phone case for Samsung S21 Ultra, it will help limit scratches that adversely affect the phone. 

These are some advantages of using the case for S21 to help you realize that the use of the phone case is really essential.

How to choose the best case for Galaxy S21

The use of the case for Galaxy S21 Ultra is essential but when users want to equip phone cases, the following factors should be considered.

Suitable for phone size

This is the first factor you need to prioritize when choosing the best Samsung S21 case. You need to choose a case that has the right size for the phone, it will be strong and will not fall out when using it. If you have a small case for a long time, it will distort the edges of the phone.

Design and materials have good heat dissipation ability

Using a phone case for Galaxy S21 Ultra will limit the phone’s ability to dissipate heat. So you need to choose designs that have good heat dissipation such as interlocking, perforated cases… The material is part of limiting heat dissipation, so you need to choose good heat dissipation materials.

Screen and camera protection

Apart from protection of the edges and back of the Samsung S21 (Plus, Ultra), the camera and screen are two parts that are easily exposed to impact. Therefore, you should choose a case that has a design higher than the surface of the two parts to better protect against falls or scratches.

Using genuine leather cases

On the market there are many leather cases made from unsecured materials. You should choose genuine leather cases to avoid affecting your health and do not protect Samsung S21 (Plus, Ultra) from impacts.

S21 Ultra case with built-in screen protector

S21 Ultra case with screen protector is made of premium TPU material combined with shiny and luxurious tempered glass. The back panel is made of tempered glass with 9H hardness, scratch-resistance, and shockproof. The flexible bezel hides the back and the edge of the phone, protecting the phone comprehensively. The front is made about 0.2mm higher than the screen to help protect the phone screen better. The details of the back cover (camera, power button, volume button, charging hole, headphone jack ..) are meticulously designed, precise in every detail for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus.

If you own a smartphone, you will probably worry that it will be scratched when it collides with or accidentally falls to the ground. Therefore, the use of case to protect and keep the phone is very essential. Not only that, in addition to helping users protect the phone, the case is also a jewelry for the phone, helping its owner to express his or her own style and personality.

Samsung S21 Ultra case with screen protector with built-in screen protector is made of high-quality silicone material, the edges hug the body. The flexible bezel hides the back and bezel, protects your phone from scratches when accidentally dropped or collided with hard objects. The flexible bezel also helps you to easily disassemble the device without worrying about scratches. The bezel edges are transparent, so even using the case, it still retains the color and design of the phone.

Galaxy S21 Ultra wallet case

S21 Ultra wallet case is made of high-quality leather, durable, very hard to be scratches, flakes, and hard to stick to dirt. The front of the Samsung S21 wallet case has a cash drawer and holder for business cards and ATM cards. The edge of the Samsung Galaxy s21 wallet case is meticulously stitched against flaking and has higher durability. The back cover of the S21 Ultra wallet case is made of flexible TPU plastic that fits snugly around the bezel. The rugged design is shock-resistant and easy to disassemble.

Another outstanding feature of the S21 wallet case is that the front of the leather case has a magnet that sucks to the screen very neatly, does not come loose, causing scratches on the screen when stored with other objects, when folded behind it is also available. Suction magnets firmly, the designed leather Samsung S21 Ultra wallet case can build the device to watch movies, listen to music, surf the web…

S21 Ultra waterproof case

Waterproof cases for Samsung S21 Ultra is an accessory that will help the phone from getting wet and broken. You are extremely safe when accidentally dropped your Samsung in the water or caught in the rain. Everything is very simple, you just need to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21 waterproof case, take the phone, and put it in the case for S21 Ultra, then your phone is completely protected.

However, there is a big downside that when you install this type of Samsung S21 Ultra waterproof case, you will no longer be able to use the hard keys on the sides anymore, as well as not be able to use the 3.5mm headphone jack. Perhaps Samsung S21 waterproof case is only suitable for swimming or while walking in the rain.

Otterbox Defender series Pro

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 2

Otterbox is a longstanding brand in making cases for mobile devices, from old BlackBerrys to iPhone, and Otterbox also makes cases for Samsung Galaxy. The Defender series Pro is extremely safe and durable, according to Otterbox. The distinctive feature of this series of Otterbox cases is that it uses active substances based on silver crystals to fight some common pathogens that are easily transmitted through normal contact.

Silicon case with slot for S-Pen Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 3

On the day of launching the S21 series, Samsung also announced a number of cases for the Galaxy S21, including a case for the Galaxy S21 Ultra integrated with an S-Pen slot. In case you forgot, the Galaxy S21 is the first phone apart from the Note line to support Samsung S-Pen. The S-Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra will use almost all of the features currently on the Note line, but unfortunately, it is not integrated with the S21 that it is an external purchase option. Therefore, if you buy S21 and an S-Pen, you need to buy a case to hold this pen, and the Samsung case is a reasonable choice.

Spigen Thin Fit and Tough Armor

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 4

Spigen is also a big name in the phone case market, and the new Thin Fit launched by Spigen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is emphasized by Spigen about the thin and light characteristics but still safe and secure to protect the phone.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 5

For the Tough Armor, which emphasizes on the rugged and angular design, for users who prefer the strong, lean and want to protect their phone as safe as possible. Spigen’s Tough Armor case is equipped with shock absorption to help protect the phone better.

UAG Mornach for Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 6

UAG Mornach is the most premium UAG case for mobile devices. Mornach includes 5 layers of protection to protect the users’ device, including a real leather inside to keep the device smooth and prevent scratches during usage. The Mornach also meets the US military MIL-STD 810G shockproof standard.

Rugged Protective for Galaxy S21 Ultra

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 7

This is the case that Samsung is selling on its site with a quite aggressive and luxurious design, with colors that match the device. In particular, the back is designed with strong cuts and looks like it is made of metal, with a base that allows users to mount the phone at two angles of 45 or 60 degrees.

S-View cover for Galaxy S21 Ultra with S-Pen

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 8

This is also a popular case of Galaxy devices, this is a Clear View case and supports the S-Pen slot. The S-View case is also equipped with an antibacterial layer with silver crystals to protect the user in the pandemic.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Case with S-Pen

Although supporting the S-Pen like the Galaxy Note series, the S21 Ultra does not have a separate pen slot on the body, it needs a separate case.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first Galaxy S-series smartphone to be compatible with the S-Pen stylus. This is also the biggest difference between the Ultra version compared to S21 and S21+. Along with the standard pen version like the Note series, Samsung also introduced a new pen named S-Pen Pro with a larger size, giving the experience of holding and writing more like a real pen.

Due to not being designed specifically to store pens, Galaxy S21 Ultra users need a special case. The pen holder is placed on the left side and makes the overall machine bigger. Samsung will sell both pens and special cases with the S21 Ultra.

With its large screen, powerful performance, and many other note-taking features, Galaxy S21 Ultra users will now be able to use the Note’s exclusive S-Pen to do things that only the Note series can do.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 9

Galaxy S21 Ultra will not integrate the S-Pen inside the device like the Note series, customers will have to buy a separate case to be able to store the S-Pen.

The WinFuture posted a photo confirming Samsung will offer at least one Galaxy S21 Ultra case option to be able to attach the S-Pen inside. However, users who do not want to use a case will be able to have a second option. A new reveal from WinFuture shows that the other case of the Galaxy S21 Ultra will have a slot on the left edge so users can store the pen beside the phone.

Customers will have to purchase a separate case to be able to store the S-Pen, meaning they will decide for themselves if they want to use the S-Pen or not.

However, this solution is not commented as good as the Galaxy Note series. Because the use of the case will make the Galaxy S21 Ultra bigger, not to mention the S-Pen has also removed the button on the pen body.

Here we will look at some Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case with S-Pen.

S21 Ultra Silicone cover with S-pen

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra exclusive case designed and distributed by Samsung. Designed and manufactured on the most professional and scientific line.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 9

About the design: beautiful, unique, highly adaptable

If you have used and known the genuine Samsung Silicone case, then somewhat will know or imagine when holding the S21 Ultra Silicone case with S-pen on hand.

Still a beautiful, durable Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone case with:

  • Flexible S21 Ultra Silicone Case is made from high-quality silicone material, so it has good elasticity, anti-scratches on the back of the back cover.
  • Minimize breaking the back of the S21 Ultra if it is impacted during usage, especially sharp objects putting in the backpack.
  • The details are completed meticulously with no extra details. Ensure Samsung S21 Ultra screen is sensitive, not hard and very capable of receiving signals.

The most difference is also the point that dominates all the genuine S21 Ultra cases this time: In the design, the Silicone case is not just a case Silicone back cover for S21 Ultra color, but also comes with a slot for an S-pen. This is also the basis for forming a new name, a new coat for the case: Silicone case with S-pen for S21 Ultra.

Advantages of the genuine Silicone case with S-pen S21 Ultra

  • Retains color for a long time, durable. Customers do not have to worry about the cheap S21 Ultra silicon case turning yellow.
  • The design of the Silicone Galaxy S21 Ultra is beautiful, luxurious, and has a slot for the S-Pen. Best phone and S-pen protection.
  • Gives a very solid feeling, no loose grip.
  • Easy to disassemble and completely not worried about picky of screen protection and fast wireless charging, Samsung Pay.
  • Extremely shock-resistant, elastic.
  • Pretty thin, light and always pay attention to the smallest details such as camera division and 4 corners of the phone to disperse force as well as avoid direct contact with the floor.
  • Completely easy to clean, even ink stains.

Silicone case turns Galaxy S21 Ultra into a Galaxy Note

To make Galaxy S21 users easier for the activities with S-pen, Samsung recently introduced a very unique accessory which is a silicone case that turns the Galaxy S21 Ultra into a Galaxy Note with almost all the features of the Note line built-in with S-Pen. Also it includes a pen slot similar to the Note series.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 10

Accessories included in the box include: a standard silicone case, an S-Pen, a pen tip accessory and a pen tip replacement.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone case with S-Pen has a beautiful and durable design with premium silicone material providing good elasticity and scratch resistance. The case also help the phone not to be broken if it is impacted during usage. Especially with sharp objects when put together in a bag or backpack.

The details of the case are meticulously and precisely without any extra details. This design ensures the user has a solid and comfortable grip in the hand without experiencing the  uncomfortable feeling by unnecessary redundant elements.

As mentioned above, the highlight of this case is that it has a slot to place the S-Pen so that the user can take it anywhere. The pen slot is located on the left side similar to the recent Galaxy Note series.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 11

When used this case with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the phone will be a bit thicker than when not using the case, but in return, users will be able to both protect the phone better, and have an additional slot for S-Pen without separating.

Regarding the S-Pen, this pen is not exactly the same as the one on the Note series, instead it resembles the one on the Galaxy Tab S series. This S-Pen is still equipped with almost all the necessary features for users to use with their S21, from Bluetooth connectivity, control features, device unlock… Note app included with the device will also support the same modes as the Galaxy Note such as drawing on the screen, taking pictures of each area, animated messages, drawing AR or translating…

Since it is not a Note pen, the S-Pen for The Galaxy S21 Ultra will omit the Air Action features because Samsung doesn’t have a gyroscope for this pen. However, using the Note’s features is also a huge advantage of this year’s S series. In addition, the S-Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra also does not need to be charged.

The best case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in 2021 12

Regarding the selling price, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone case with S-Pen will be sold at a price of about 55$. This is a reasonable price because the S-Pen itself has a relatively high price. Taking advantage of these unique accessories, you can turn your Galaxy S21 into a Galaxy Note with a full range of note-taking features.

Spigen S21 Ultra case

The Spigen S21 Ultra design is beautiful, sparkling, luxurious, and extremely unique. This is one of the most beautiful S21 Ultra Spigen phone cases in its series.

It is a high-end Spigen S21 Ultra TPU case made on a thermoplastic Polyurethane molding line, ensuring resistance to impact, resistance to sharp objects, and sharp cuts to damage the back; completely against all dirt; creates a Spigen S21 Ultra case that is very effective against fingerprints and is always color-durable and beautiful over the years.

S21 Ultra battery case

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery case is a combination of the back cover and backup battery to create a product that helps increase battery life for your smartphone. Also, it still helps protect against scratches and impacts comprehensively for the machine.

This combination brings convenience to the user during use, eliminates the entanglement of wires as well as eliminates the situation of having to hold two separate things whichs are smartphone and backup charger, battery. The battery uses Lithium – Ion Polymer core for high storage capacity but light weight. Integrated led lights to announce the remaining battery percentage, with 4 integrated LEDs, each bright LED is equivalent to the remaining 25% of the battery, when you need to check the user just presses the power button located behind the case. 

The back panel is integrated with an iron alloy plate, so users do not need to stick with a metal back plate if using a magnetic phone holder in the car. The battery is fully integrated with safety protection features such as: integrated professional power IC, rechargeable battery many times, protection against short-circuit, low voltage protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, overload protection.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Otterbox

If you want protection, you can hardly recommend anyone other than the Otterbox S21 case – and now, it has partnered with PopSocket, it’s even harder than to recommend anything except the case of Otter + Pop Symmetry. Essentially a Symmetry case with PopSocket stuck on the back, the Otter + Pop gives you the maximum protection of a Symmetry case, including its tough two-layer layer that protects against a variety of threats, combined with the versatility of PopSocket. The PopSocket fits snugly against the case when not in use, but when turned out, S21 Ultra Otterbox can be used as a finger grip or a kickstand to watch videos. 

Samsung S21 Otterbox case is an accessory maker for rugged smartphones, and it also offers a few options for the S21 Ultra. This case is special in that it provides absolute protection from drops from a great height.

S21 Ultra leather case

For those who own a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone, owning a back case is essential to protect the smartphone as safely as possible. The leather case for the new generation of Galaxy S21 Ultra phones will be a worthwhile choice.

Fit design, premium materials

The S21 Ultra leather case is designed to hold the phone tightly, allowing you to hold the smartphone in your hand securely, without worrying about falling. The surface of the back cover is rough enough, has good friction to increase grip.

The corners of the Samsung S21 Ultra cover the phone frame, they have a high protrusion layer that dissipates power. When using your phone, if a collision occurs, the case can ensure your phone is still safe.

In addition, the back cover for Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is also made of high-quality leather, simple colors to create youthfulness. Although there are few details, the overall back cover still feels luxurious.

Limit dust, super sensitive buttons

The advantage of the leather case for S21 Ultra is that the surface of the case is quite scratch and dust resistant. When you need to clean the cases for Galaxy S21 Ultra, you just need to use a clean damp washcloth to wipe through.

In addition, the physical key cuts are made very meticulously, so when using the Samsung Ultra s21 case with the phone, the user who presses the key will feel softer and more comfortable because the responsiveness is quite good.

S21 Ultra led case

S21 Ultra led smart case produced by Samsung is a genuine Samsung S21 led case worth owning today. The beautiful, durable Samsung S21 Ultra led case design perfectly protects both sides of the phone.

An S21 Ultra leather case perfect for your phone

The case protects your phone 360 ​​degrees from shock or accidental drop. The S21 Ultra Led case double-sided design provides perfect protection for your phone. Using high-quality materials, helping to reduce fingerprints and dust for the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. At the same time that is the ability to reduce slipperiness, drop the phone when in use.

Beautiful, durable Led view S21 Ultra

In addition to the Galaxy s21 ultra 5g case Led view case design, it looks like a notebook with good protection. This Galaxy s21 ultra phone case also features meticulously engineered details. The camera and Flash are raised to protect the surface against the table. The volume up and down operations of the keys are precisely designed and responsive. At the corner of the Samsung galaxy s21 ultra Led leather case is equipped with an electronic chip associated with the phone. Easily see notifications, time and incoming call information thanks to the wireless chip embedded in the Phone case for samsung s21 ultra

Galaxy S21 Ultra Led case is notified right on the case

The case helps to receive and reject calls right on the surface of the Led View S21 ultra 5g case. Display phone number or caller name right on the face of the case. Samsung S21 Ultra led cover displays message notifications right outside without opening the lid to check. Play/pause music; Display/silence alarms right outside the phone surface. Incoming notifications are displayed as icons with beautiful LEDs thanks to the built-in wireless chip.

Galaxy s21 clear case 

Transparent phone case for s21 ultra is made from high-end materials such as TPU, which provide good resistance to all external influences, while keeping your case from turning yellow for a long time when using.

The transparent Samsung s21 ultra phone case will not lose the beauty of the phone because of its simple and delicate transparent design made from TPU plastic. Thanks to the high-quality material, you can easily disassemble the device without worrying about being hard or causing scratches to the device as well as limiting fingerprint or dirt on the case for samsung s21 ultra.

Galaxy s21 shockproof case

Galaxy s21 ultra 5g case has a unique design, shockproof military standard. You should buy this case when you need a case that can protect the phone as much as possible, and you don’t care much about the thickness of the product.

S21 shockproof case possesses a strong and unique design with strong tendons. It combines a rugged surface with grooves and beautiful 3D geometry that creates an effective shock resistance.

In addition, the back cover of the Samsung s21 phone case is used in a combination of many different materials including TPU of Galaxy s21 phone case resin is located on the outer edge layer, giving good shock resistance when users drop the phone on the surface.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 shockproof case is shock resistant that meets the US military standards. Specifically, the MIL-STD 810G 516.6 military drop standard helps your machine survive when it withstands unexpected shocks.

Where to buy genuine Samsung S21 Ultra cases?

Other than buying the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra case, currently, we are distributing genuine leather cases and other phone cases for Samsung S21 (Plus, Ultra) as well as genuine cases of Note 10, Note 20, S20 series at low prices with many beautiful and eye-catching models. If you want to buy a phone case to protect your phone from undesirable impacts, go to our store for advice and choose to buy genuine accessories!

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