Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2021

This post will introduce the best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max since the high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max should be protected by a case, and the wallet case is one of the best.

Why do you need to buy iPhone 12 (Mini/ Pro/ Pro Max) case?

iPhone is always the desired phone of many people. So far, the iPhone 12 is the latest generation of Apple brand, anyone who currently owns an iPhone 12 should be proud. With high value, beautiful appearance, and elegance, it would be very regrettable if you broke this phone and you have to spend a lot of money to repair it. So you need to buy a case for iPhone 12.

Owning a iPhone 12 case is now very easy. Many people think that the cost to buy the iPhone 12 is very expensive, so the accessories made for it are also very expensive.

But not really, on the market now, there are many different products, models, materials and designs that are traded internationally. And above all, the price is also reasonable, with only a dozen of bucks you get a beautiful and durable case.

Should you use wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max?

First of all, the case is for the protection function. When putting on a case, it acts as the back protector of the iPhone 12. Depending on the material, the protection ability differs, but in general it helps to limit the crack of the back by getting impact force.

If you are holding an iPhone 12 in your hand, you could suddenly slip because the back of this phone is easy to slip. But if you are wearing this case, you do not have to be afraid of it being dented, broken or cracked the back glass.

As for the wallet case, it will protect the iPhone’s screen as well. With convenient opening and folding mechanism, both luxurious leather and comprehensive protection, it doesn’t make sense if you do not find confidence in this product. It also comes with card holder so it could be a wallet and a case.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2021

The following will introduce to you the best card holder and wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max in the market right now.

Native Union Clic Card Holder Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 

This is a case with convenient card holder for high-end iPhone. It is a beautiful case, and can hold up to 2 cards at the same time. The Native Union Clic Card case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is the right accessory for you to equip your high-end iPhone. In particular, this case can also protect the screen and camera cluster for maximum safety.

Light, designed to fit, completed with luxurious Italian leather

Native Union Clic Card Holder Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is specially made for your new high-end iPhone, with a standard design that will form the model to ensure fit & not slip when fitted with this case.

This accessory is also lightweight, making it comfortable to hold the phone with the case in hand.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 3

The case for iPhone 12 Pro Max Native Union Clic Card Holder is finished with leather from Italy, with sophisticated lines that contribute to the elegance of the iPhone.

The whole case is made of PC & TPU plastic, which is scratch-resistant, waterproof as well as shockproof, protecting the iPhone from external impacts.

Unique & convenient card holder design, compatible with wireless charging

Native Union Clic Card holder case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed with an additional unique card pocket. Users can store up to two cards inside this case, which is very useful in case you need to get an ATM card or loyalty card for your needs instead of having to take out your wallet. The case is sewed carefully to ensure safe card storage and does not fall out.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 4

In addition, the Native Union Clic Card holder case for iPhone 12 Pro Max is compatible with wireless charging and MagSafe charging, allowing users to use wireless charging on the iPhone 12 Pro Max without having to remove the case.

However, users should note that taking out the cards stored on the case helps the wireless charging feature to work.

Apple Leather Wallet case for iPhone compatible with MagSafe Charger 

You may have heard of MagSafe chargers and MagSafe cases that were released after the Apple released its most current high-end phone, iPhone 12. Besides, there is also an accessory. Equally interesting is the MagSafe charging compatible iPhone leather wallet that supports attaching to the back of the iPhone as an additional accessory.

Unique design, diverse colors

Genuine Apple leather wallet case for iPhone compatible with MagSafe charger is an interesting invention of Apple to support users to store their items behind a phone. Perhaps this is a great support accessory for users who have a good habit of forgetting things.

With its wise design, this leather wallet case amazes users with Apple’s versatility. The product is made from European leather material that provides high durability, not easily peeled like normal skin types. Moreover, it also brings elegance to the user.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 6

Users also can choose the color version that suits their personality, the colors include: Baltic Blue, California Poppy (dark yellow with a hint of orange), Saddle Brown and Black.

Hold up to three hard cards, integrated with a permanent magnet.

You can insert up to three hard cards including: ATM card, credit card or identity card. And remember not to try to insert any more cards, this will make the wallet easily stretch and wear in the corners. The back of the wallet has a small cutout so you can simply insert your finger and slide the card out.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 7

As you know, in order for a leather wallet case to be on the iPhone 12 or a MagSafe case, it must be integrated with magnets. And the strength of this magnet is strong enough to stick to the case and stay in place during vigorous movements. Therefore, don’t worry it will fall off during daily use.

Best wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max 8

Tips to choose iPhone 12 cases 

Indeed, all the cases have the function of protecting the iPhone. To be able to have a peace of mind, please see our tips of how to choose high-quality leather cases for iPhone 12.

Material comes from PC plastic, TPU plastic will be the two most premium materials, and is effective against shock and scratches. TPU plastic also has a tough property that makes it easy to remove the case for cleaning. Also, to enhance grip experience, you should check out the matte surface back cover.

High aesthetics is the second most important detail. This is quite easy to choose because you can freely choose according to your own preferences such as colors, patterns on the back cover.

Where to buy wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max?

There are many places selling wallet case for iPhone 12 Pro Max such as Amazon, eBay,… Currently, we are trading a lot of cases for iPhone 12 cases. We carefully examine the cases for appearance and quality. When shopping at our place, you will have a variety of choices about the designs and materials of the case, and you can easily choose your own product.

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