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DEVOUR – Horror game that gamers need to “kick” each other to live

The official release date of this game on Steam has been set by the publisher.

Recently, the British indie game studio Straight Back Games has announced the official launch date on Steam of the Co-op survival horror game called DEVOUR. As planned, on January 28, gamers will be able to start stopping the cult leader Anna Puerta before a demon possesses her and drags everyone to hell.

If you familiar with the name of Anna Puetar, she is exactly the main character of Straight Back Games‘ predecessor – The Watchers. And DEVOUR has been confirmed to be the prequel game of The Watchers.

DEVOUR Release Teaser

DEVOUR is a survival horror game for a personal player or a group of players (1-4 people). Your mission is to try to survive by banishing a demon from Anna Puerta’s body. As introduced, Anna Puerta is the leader of The Watchers of Azazel cult. She summoned the goat demon Azazel because she thought she could control him. But of course, thought and reality are not the same, Anna was possessed by the goat demon and controlled her thought. As a former member of the cult, you and your team must banish the goat demon from Anna in order to win.

DEVOUR Alpha Footage

DEVOUR has co-op feature from 2 to 4 players but also has the option to play alone, but now the game will be quite “heavy”. Each game can last up to 1 hour and the possibility of having to replay is high because every survival item or ritual,… is randomly placed. In addition, the goat demon’s ability and speed increase and the number of demons summoned to prevent the player changed with each different game, so every replay you will play the game with different version. Sounds very attractive, right?

DEVOUR’s live Steam page is now available a teaser video Devour Release with the announcement of the release date. According to the publisher’s information, DEVOUR will be sold for $4.99 and its predecessor, The Watchers, is available on Steam for $ 8.99 with the soundtrack.

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