Genshin Impact: How to find raw meat as soon as possible

Genshin Impact: How to find raw meat absolutely fast

Learn how to effectively grind raw meat in Genshin Impact by checking out this post.

Cooking is an important feature in Genshin Impact. It’s the main method by which you can increase your team’s stats in tough battles, heal & stamina… and even revive. The food in the game is made by combining many ingredients together in the campfire… and among those ingredients, raw meat is probably the most necessary.

Genshin Impact: How to find raw meat as soon as possible 1

In this post, we will list three ways for you to get more raw meat.

Brightcrown Gorge 

Raw meat can fall from most animals in Genshin Impact, except for birds (they release chickens instead), and the best place to get this ingredient is Brightcrown Gorge. In this area, tons of wild boars can be found around… and these guys have one of the highest item drop rates.

It’s important to be quick, as these creatures tend to run around after seeing one of them killed. You will need to use a long-range character with a bow or high damage AOE to take down multiple boars at once.

Buying from Draff

Genshin Impact: How to find raw meat as soon as possible 2

If you don’t want to grind or just want more meat, you can buy some from Draff in Springvale, Mondstadt. He is the only merchant who has raw meat among his products in the game – during the daytime you can buy up to 10 raw meat for 240 Mora per piece.


The player can also get raw meat when doing expeditions. Currently, there is a program available in Windrise that rewards raw meat upon completion – you can get up to 12 raw meat every 20 hours using this method. Of course, this time can be reduced by using Fischl or Benett to reduce their time exploring Mondstadt, and it will also reward a similar amount of chickens.

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