Genshin Impact: Legend of the Five Guardians of the Night

Genshin Impact: Great Legend of the Five Guardians

Recently, in Genshin Impact game, Mihoyo released a short trailer that introduced us briefly to a part of Liyue’s history as well as the legend of the 5 Guardians of the Night.

Once again, Mihoyo makes us overwhelmed by a new and extremely interesting storyline of Genshin Impact. On the occasion of a Xiao banner that was about to be released, “by the way” Mihoyo introduced the remaining 4 Guardians of the Night, this can be seen as a step for Mihoyo to debut more related characters in the future.

According to the information we have, the Five Guardians of the NIght include:

  • Alatus (金鹏) is Xiao
  • Bosacius (浮舍)
  • Indarias (应达)
  • Bonanus (伐难)
  • Menogias (弥怒)

Alatus’s nickname is “Kim Sí Bang King”, also known as “Great Holy Ghost Goods”. Not sure where he came from, nor where to go.

Only on the occasion of Hai Dang New Year, when seeing the light hovering above Co Van Cac, the people of Liyue often say: “This Guardian is fighting demons.”

Or when he hears a flute from Dich Hoa Chau, looking for but not seeing a flute player, will say: “The Guardian calls his old friend back.”

These are the quotes to introduce the character Xiao, the most expected banner of the game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Legend of the Five Guardians of the Night 1
Genshin Impact: Legend of the Five Guardians of the Night

According to it was told, after Zhongli defeated the Magic Gods, their rotten bodies spread hatred and resentment into the world, turning into “demons”. Every time a demon appears, plagues, ghosts and unusual things will appear right after. The Nham Emperor at that time called on the Guardians to eliminate the demons, they all swore to fight to protect the world. But in a battle that lasted too long, the Guardians were gradually corrupted, they gradually lost control and fell into madness.

The Guardians used their own strength to confront each other, there were even Guardian lost in the night. In Five of the Guardians of the Night, 3 are dead and one is unknown, the last one is the “Great Holy Ghost Goods” Xiao still defends the world after thousands of years of fighting and he will continue like that until the last breath.

Genshin Impact: Legend of the Five Guardians of the Night 2
Genshin Impact: The Demon Emperor Xiao is the last Guardian who still has his mind

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