Hitman 3: Laugh at Agent 47's unbelievable series of weapon

Hitman 3: Laugh at Agent 47’s unbelievable series of weapon

One of the ultimate abilities of Agent 47 in Hitman 3 game is that whatever he has at hand, he can turn it into a weapon, from furniture to food. 

The gaming community is not unfamiliar with Agent 47’s ability to turn everything in his hand into a weapon. But recently, this bald assassin uses a banana, cheese sandwich, blueberry cake or even a frying pan, a bone (still has meat in it),… to fight has made players laugh their ass off.

“Throwing things” hobby of Hitman.

Have you watch all the videos of “throwing things” of Agent 47? To be able to do so, the bald assassin relied on a special mechanism that not much gamers know about in the Hitman series. Although the information in the game rarely mentions this mechanism, in fact gamers have two different ways to throw an object to the ground. One method is throwing it out like we usually do and the other is to keep the Caps Lock key while holding any object in his hand, on the console hold two keys L1 and R1 at the same time.

Hitman 3: Laugh at Agent 47's unbelievable series of weapon

However, in all the “reluctant” weapons of Hitman 3, we would like to recommend you a top weapon. That is the banana. That’s right, banana, a beautiful bright yellow banana. There are 3 reasons to make the choice somewhat ridiculous but very convinced of this:

  • First, the banana is the only weapon in Hitman 3 that can be used as a melee weapon and also as a mine. When you throw a banana with the Caps Lock key, while “landing” it will only be banana skin.
  • Secondly, no one suspected a man holding a banana in hand, looks harmless like that, even if you put a banana at the feet of an NPC, nobody cares.
  • In the end, the NPCs hit the banana peel and fall on their face would be considered an accident so the guards would turn a blind eye. You can also throw bananas to distract the guards as well.
Hitman 3: Laugh at Agent 47's unbelievable series of weapon

For these reasons, we can see banana is actually an upgraded version of mine gas, is both highly entertaining and effective. Certainly, bananas will be named on the list of the best weapon in Hitman 3.

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