Review of Diablo mobile version

Review of Diablo mobile version: good game, maybe not for hardcore but FREE

Diablo Immortal’s main goal will be the Asian market, it is likely that we will soon see Diablo mobile version on the Southeast Asia server!

At the Blizzcon event in 2019, Blizzard announced Diablo Immortal – mobile version of the slashing game Diablo that is more than 20 years old. The crowd was extremely excited to see Diablo return after years of absence, only to be shocked to hear that Blizzard has developed a mobile version, not Diablo IV (Blizzard just announced the project Diablo IV not long ago, and continue to update the progress of the game development quarterly).

But it turns out, the idea of ​​Diablo on mobile should not be made fun of. In fact, the game is quite fun. Technical alpha test is already out for Australian gamers, but I still find a way to join even living on the other side of the world.

Review of Diablo mobile

Diablo mobile First look

Most of my initial impressions have been positive, so far I’ve only been playing around with Barbarian and Demon Hunter. My comment: Diablo Immortal gives the feeling of a small expansion pack to Diablo 3, simplifies and cuts many parts to fit the mobile platform, adds some elements to the game online MMO role-playing game. Some elements made the game better, some seemed to make the experience worse. 

But I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t comfortable playing this game, and the “hardcore Diablo fan” personality that existed within me felt a bit of danger: I could be completely addicted to Diablo Immortal when the game is officially released.

Currently, I am playing with an iPad mini and control by the touch screen, not using a gaming controller. Personally, I think playing on the iPhone 11 is a bit small, and the battery life of my device is poor, so I’m not sure if it’s worth spending a lot of time playing or not.

Review of Diablo mobile

Diablo mobile Character control

I’ve never enjoyed 3D character control with touchscreen, but playing Diablo Immortal is fine since the joystick shows up wherever my thumb touches the left half of the screen. The top-down perspective allowed me to play Diablo Immortal more easily than games like Genshin Impact, an open world game I couldn’t play with the touchscreen.

The right half of the screen is the skill action button, the largest normally is hit button and around it are 4 skill buttons. In the right half of the screen, sometimes there will be buttons that allow you to pick up items or interact with characters to open the space portal, these buttons appear only in specific cases.

It’s is clear that the developer has simplified the game in many things, and may also be the reason why Diablo is not for the VERY hardcore gamers, even though this version of the game is still very interesting.

Diablo mobile Skills and equipment of characters 

Mana and similar resources no longer exist. Some of the skills you need to use to cast, like Barbarian’s tornado/whirlwind or Demon Hunter’s dodge/strafe, require energy to heal, but it’s basically just a cooldown. Every other skill consumes only time, with a number in the middle indicating how many seconds you can continue to use that skill.

It seems that you cannot install runes to enhance or change skills like in Diablo 3, you only increase the skill level each time the character level up to make them stronger. Each player will have a “great move” based on basic attacks, causing a lot of damage and is very suitable for attacking tough enemies.

The character’s weapon is not much. Barbarian has two melee weapons, no two-handed weapons, Demon Hunter has only two crossbows but does not gas two-handed weapons or a bow to wield; maybe the others will appear later, but you probably won’t see them anywhere. A small arrow next to the item stats will show you if the item makes the character stronger. As for the level 28 Barbarian I’m playing, I haven’t met any legendary items so far, but gold items is already on its way. During this test phase, the highest level your character can reach is 45.

Review of Diablo mobile

The mobile version of the game

What about the “mobile game elements” that make people hesitate? It is difficult to make a judgment when playing the alpha version, especially when most of these factors have not been activated. Making money from Diablo has always been very risky, and I think players have to realize that the MAIN market of Diablo Immortal is Asia, where free-to-play games with lots of “blood-sucking” purchases are more widely welcome.

In the game, there is a battle pass mechanism that rewards players every time they reach a certain milestone, there are two battle pass modes that are free and paid. The weirdest thing is the in-game market, which sells resources and factors that change the way you play. My initial assumption that they will make monsters drop more good stuff, like “guaranteed you get legendary gems and runes “. This was not the Auction House, and it was not clear if the market would later sell power-enhancing items.

Although I love the gameplay and the feel of killing monsters and picking up items, I’m still curious what the final stage of the game will be like, when the gameplay, character building, and equipments of the mobile version. has been simplified to this point. I understand why they did it, just wondering if this is a game that will make me consume a lot of time to perfect a character, or just finish once, run some rift and go back to other games.

Review of Diablo mobile

Worth playing free game 

But it’s free! All missions and drops are free. The game looks the same and the gameplay is no different from Diablo 3, there are more elements that make the game more lively like the type of players participating in the middle, or gamers combined together to fight special monsters or run out of the middle. I find this factor more interesting than annoying.

This isn’t Diablo 4, nor Diablo 3 for Switch, which I think is the best mobile Diablo experience right now. But I have wasted 3,000 hours in playing Diablo 3 on 2 platforms, with 12 characters reaching the highest level, I have no miss Diablo 3 now, even the game is great. Now then, any Diablo-related content will catch my attention, and I doubt I won’t enjoy Diablo Immortal alone, since most players have left behind a period of game criticism like the old times.

Review of Diablo mobile

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