Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021

Review of Hitman 3 – Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021

Hitman 3 still remains the format the 2 previous parts, but the game has shown a remarkable superiority by great designed quests.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 1.

After the launch of Hitman: Absolution in 2012, developer IO Interactive decided to lightly reboot Agent 47’s space.

The 2016 Hitman game was the start of a new series titled “World of Assassination“. Now, Hitman 3 has been released and is the end of this series.

Each mission that IOI designed in the World of Assassination series contains a series of paths and methods for players to assassinate targets. Quests encourage gamers to play over and over again, getting used to the moves of all NPCs on the map to create the most perfect assassination plan. To be able to fully explore a quest in Hitman requires at least 2 to 3 times to play.

At first glance, Hitman 3 seems quite similar to the previous two. The game doesn’t make any drastic changes to the basic format, instead only upgrades the graphics.

But that’s not the case, Hitman 3 is the pinnacle of the World of Assassination series and this can be seen through well-designed missions. This is remarkable because Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 are games with extremely good mission design.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 2.

In Hitman 3, all of the stealthy mechanics, the way players can interact with the world and the target’s AI are still the same as in the previous parts. In each level of play, the task of 47 is to find a way to assassinate the target and then escape from the location without being detected.

Players can do this by defeating enemies, hiding their bodies, and taking their clothes. Some areas are restricted based on what 47 is wearing and certain enemies can still detect 47 despite his disguise. This makes the player have to be more careful and stay away from those enemies.

Assassination can be done with simple ways, such as shooting a gun or strangling. However complex methods such as creating a crash will be appreciated.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 3.
Food poisoning is the preferred method by many gamers.

The more stealthy the player is, making sure the lowest amount of unnecessary loss possible, the higher the score at the end of the level. Each mission has challenges that encourage players to find creative ways to take down goals that no one knows 47 has ever been there. The more challenges you complete, the more players will unlock additional starting positions and weapon/tool options to change the experience even more.

To make it easier for players to complete their missions, Agent 47 possesses a special ability called “Instinct”. This is a mode that allows him to track enemies through walls and highlight items that can be interacted in the environment.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 4.

One of the reasons that Hitman 3‘s levels are different from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 is how they fit in with the overall story that IO tells in the series. In the previous titles, each Hitman’s stage acts as an independent chapter in Agent 47’s story. You will enter a location with one or more targets and each mission has a bit of information about the that goal. This information could also create opportunities for 47 to approach and assassinate.

But the goals have little to do with what’s going on in the story of Agent 47 and his mission commander, Diana Burnwood. In Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, the pair gradually realize that they are unknowingly engaged in a fight between the Shadow Client, who is carefully manipulating them through assassination contracts, and Providence, an Illuminati-like organization consisting of the super riches controling the world.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 5.

In Hitman 3, Agents 47 and Burnwood are fully engaged in the battle against Providence after the events of Hitman 2, and the bigger story is finally the center of everything going on.

One of Hitman 3‘s most memorable missions was the second one, taking place in Great Britain. More than just an ordinary assassination mission, this is a “whodunit” style mission similar to the stories of writer Agatha Christie or recent movie Knives Out.

More specifically, the assassination target of 47 was living in a mansion, but on that day another murder also occurred in the mansion.

47 can simply sneak into the mansion, kill the target and leave. Or you can disguise yourself as a private detective, investigate who the killer is, kill the target, and then assign the crime to that killer. These are just 2 of the many options 47 can take to complete this quest.

Review of Hitman 3 - Top notch blockbuster lauched in 2021 6.

A mission deep in the game also creates a new thing on the framework of the game series. If the previous quests provide the player a summary of the goal and allow the player to plan, choose the starting point and the amount of weapons, this quest does not give the player any information, just drop players in an unfamiliar location and forcing players to improvise, set goals and learn what 47 can do to assassinate quickly.

Another mission takes the unique style of Hitman – sneaking through guards, disguising, using the environment to distract or suppress enemies – and narrow the range from the expansive scene to a cramped, narrow, crowded train. This makes every action and decision thee player takes to be fast and well thought out.

The downside of Hitman 3 is that this game has lost some of the multiplayer content from Hitman 2, making the overall game look less than before.

Another noteworthy point is that for Playstation gamers, Hitman 3 has VR support, allowing players to redo the tasks in first-person view.

Similar to Hitman 2, Hitman 3 acts as a platform for previous levels of the game. So you can play Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 levels with Hitman 3‘s new weapons and enhancements.

Overall, Hitman 3 is the perfect end to the World of Assassination series. It is still unclear what the future of this brand will be, but it can be seen that with what IOI studio can do, the 007 game they are targeting will certainly be a super product.

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