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Top 5 free games on Steam to play in early 2021

Here is the list of the top 5 free games on Steam to experience today. Check out these games and have a wonderful time exploring!

SCP: Escape Together

SCP: Escape Together is based on the 2012 horror game SCP: Containment Breach. You need to collect useful items to defend and fight as you escape from locked rooms. This game is developed with many different storylines and your choice will change the plot, creating countless open endings. Having in-game voice chat enhances your gaming experience while also increasing interaction between gamers.

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Also with the survival gameplay (Battle Royale) like other games, but Crsed: Foad integrates many more RPG elements. The game has 7 character classes for you to choose. Each character has its own unique characteristics and skills.
From the introduction trailer, it is clear to notice some spells that the characters in the game use such as: creating rivers and lakes, summoning zombies, teleporting, running fast like the wind, or even creating eclipse … Combining skillfully between shooting skills and flexible use of magic spells, this is the factor to have victory in Crsed: Foad.


In Florensia, there is no limit to perfection. With the number of points from the start, you can customize your character for yourself as you want. With the organization of gangs working together, it will make you more comfortable and easier in training levels and performing tasks as well as other social activities in the game.

Soccer Manager 2021

Become the top football manager in Soccer Manager 2021, you will choose a team from more than 800 clubs from 33 countries around the world and build, manage and bring that team to the top high of fame.

The ball matches are developed with extremely realistic 3D graphics. You can become a talented coach with Soccer Manager 2021!

Our Life: Beginnings & Always

This game will provide you healthy experiences as you face your life’s milestones. The character in the game is Cove – a lonely boy and Jamie will have to go through 3 stages of maturity: childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Standing in front of each of these milestones, you will need to prepare and adjust your emotions appropriately: happy, fun, sometimes painful, sad, angry, stressful, anxious…

Each option will create different storylines. Immerse yourself in the game and experience it!

With this list of the best free-to-play Steam games 2021, wonder why you’ve spent all that cash amassing a library of games in the first place.

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