Top 10 free games with great graphics

Top 10 free games with great graphics for 2021

Everyone wants free games with top graphics. Here we introduce to you the top 10 free games with great graphics for 2021, which includes some old popular games along with newly released ones that look extremely attractive. So we invite you to play these games to get through this pandemic. Let’s get started!


Destiny 2 is probably too familiar to you, fun gun shooting and looting with impeccable graphics in a free game will definitely be an incredible choice. Great for those who love addictive shooting games. This game is also developed by a famous game Bungie maker with his great work Halo, along with many years of experience in making shooting in space games. Perhaps we do have to talk much about the experience, meticulousness as well as the charm of the game Destiny 2. Although it has been on the market for nearly 3 years, we think that this game still owns very great quality graphics, the DLC is constantly updated, makes the players not get bored with repetitive stages. With all the above advantages, Destiny 2 still deserves to be on the list of free games with great graphics in 2021.


It is thought that MOBA games are going to live forever, but in fact, there are still a lot of MOBA games, although very good still not can stand firm in the marketplace. However, the brand that represents the MOBA game, Dota 2, is probably one of the exceptions that everyone must think about when it comes to MOBA games. With more than 400,000 players daily, Dota 2 still dominates the MOBA genre on Steam and is probably only after LoL in the world. The game’s peak is still there, but what about its graphics? The graphics of Dota 2, personally, are still the highest quality in popular MOBA games. Of course, there are still a few new MOBA games released recently, but in the top of the popular MOBA games today, maybe there is no game that can compare with the graphics of Dota 2. Then, of course, Dota 2 is still one of the best free games to play and if you have heard of Dota 2 but still have not tried it, right now it’s not too late because the game is still great.


If you play his game, you’ll not be afraid of getting bored, but not have enough time to get through. Compared to Destiny 2, Warframe does not have as many players, but Warframe is somewhat a more looting game. Because after stages, the items given to the player are more “generous” than Destiny 2, so the feeling of playing games has much more motivation. Because both games are free, I play these two games simultaneously. If I want to shoot and experience the DOOM style, I play Destiny 2. But if I want to swing swords, cut and slash but still shoot guns, bows, and arrows. I go to Warframe. Both games are very interesting, I’m sure if you play these games, you’ll be addicted.


Although battle royale games are now rampant with many games, in the free games collection, Apex Legends is still a game to mention. The graphics were also at the forefront of the revolutionary gameplay series, bringing new things that never appeared in battle royale before. Honestly, since the release of Apex Legends, I don’t believe this is a free game, so the free game is getting better and better. Now, perhaps many players think that Apex Legends is no longer attractive to players and is dying, but in fact, Apex is still very popular and still has many interesting updates and new characters. So, if you have played through this game, try playing it again, and if not, it will be extremely impressive.


Combo tank shooting, beautiful graphics, and free, is a perfect combo for those who are passionate about war games with full of bombs. World of Tank will give you the experience of controlling simulated tanks extremely alike in real life, the control mechanism is also realistic and of course, the graphics must be top-notch to be on the list. You can even play to buy new, better tanks, run faster, have stronger armor, shoot stronger, and so on. What are you waiting for not to immediately call your friends and set up a team of powerful tanks and dominant world?


Also developed by Wargaming, World of Warships shares similarities with World of Tank. Graphics are still as top as usual, and you still experience a realistic gameplay, with the most realistic large-sized battleships. If World of Tank offers a powerful, explosive experience, World of Warships is something a bit more tactical. You will have to choose a more careful position because there is no hiding place, the shot is also more difficult and requires good ability from the player. Overall this is a quality free game, realistic and attractive gameplay, so it will easily become a game that you will play every day for a long time.


A new breeze for the eSport game genre, the Smite game allows you to experience MOBA gameplay in a third-person perspective, a gameplay that may have been just a few years ago in imagination of those who are passionate about MOBA games. In the game, you will still experience different roles, such as support, mid, and carry… The game has a similar graphics style with Overwatch, but has a mythical feel. Experience combat at a much faster pace from a high angle, which requires much more accuracy and reflexes, will definitely give you a feeling of challenge but very charismatic that you should not ignore.


In addition to the quite varied and complex gameplay, the experience of managing a fleet of aircraft with many attractive features such as exploitation, production, trade, and even combat, you also experience the extremely good and realistic graphics of the game Eve Online. In order to become the master of Eve Online, you will have to become a politician in space, managing the economy, politics, and army of your warships. Build up a miniature empire in the universe and interact with thousands of other players in the giant universe. As a game that is not easy to access, so anyone who thinks they can explore, have good management ability, and know-how to research the game, then try Eve online, it’s hard, but you’ll get addicted once you play.


World of Warcraft free version here guys… Not really, how can I compare WoW :D, but not the graphics. Since Tera was released in 2012, the graphics are also somewhat more developed than World of Warcraft. Besides, the gameplay also has many similarities, only after World of Warcraft which is too detailed and attractive. The third-person MMORPG game from the developer Bluehole Studio also offers a very addictive experience, with extremely many skills, with great graphics. It’s easily addictive and also free. Those who love MMO games and want to experience good graphics in a third-person perspective and free of charge, you must try out Tera


Without a doubt, CoD: Warzone is exactly the best free game with the best graphics on the list. Simply because it uses the graphics of CoD: Modern Warfare, it must be awesome. Basically, Warzone is a free game mode of Modern Warfare, so not only inherits the graphics, but you can also experience the gameplay of Modern Warfare. The game also brings new features to the battle royale series, enhances the quality of free games, and most importantly brings the Call of Duty experience to everyone. But in fact, not everyone when this game is quite heavy, not all PCs can work well. Generally speaking, with a free game is like this, you can hope that free games will be even better in the future, just like Warzone.

Recently, there are free games with extreme awesome graphics that you cannot ignore, of course, there are still other great games that I can not list in a list. So, please comment below the game you like for us to refer for 2021.

free games with great graphics

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