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The Best Online Mobile Games in 2021

Online mobile games today have many different types and styles, attracting a lot of gamers around the world. Here are the most popular online mobile games today for you to explore.

1. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Gamers were able to download this game for their smartphones on both Google Play Store (for Android) and App Store (for iOS / iPadOS).

Online Mobile Games - League of Legends: Wild Rift

Gamers will be able to experience the MOBA 5 vs 5 with pure skills and tactics in Riot Games’ League of Legends, now completely rebuilt for mobile devices. With smooth controls and super-fast gameplay, you can team up with your friends, lock your hero picks, and perform life-long stunts.

2. Game Area F2

Game Area F2 is currently one of the best online mobile games. Players can role-play many characters with many different skills. Weapons to fight are also the most advanced ones. In addition, you can also take advantage of the wall systems and drones to probe the enemy.

Area F2 or Rainbow Six Siege Mobile is the most attractive action game on mobile today. A special feature of Area F2 is the map system only for close combat in narrow space. This is the first factor that appears on mobile games, increasing the attractiveness and excitement for gamers.

Top Online Mobile Games - Game Area F2

3. Auto Chess Mobile

Auto Chess Mobile is a modified version of the PC game called Dota Auto Chess. The game mechanism of Auto Chess Mobile is the same as the Dota Auto Chess version. Gamers can buy items, watch opponents before starting the match…

Gamers are familiar with dramatic action games, role-playing games with glorious battles. The constant changing of generals in Auto Chess Mobile creates even more attraction for this top online mobile game.

The disappearance of generals in Auto Chess Mobile such as Stone Spirit, Skull Hunter, and then Phantom Queen has forced players to find new strategies or build new squads based on strange clans, even never used. . That is also the reason that Auto Chess Mobile is present in the best mobile games.

Online Mobile Games - Auto Chess Mobile

4. War Robots

War Robots can be said to be an action game for gamers who like challenges. War Robots is constantly updated by the manufacturer with a new version with each version being a robot model with many outstanding features.

The investment in upgrading the image, opening a new arsenal, many new features makes War Robots really attractive and deserves to be one of the best online mobile games today. Accompanying fighting gameplay in the form of shooting always creates a dramatic atmosphere in each playground.

War Robots become the most popular game today thanks to support for many different languages, giving local gamers easy access to the extremely dramatic role-playing game genre.

Online Mobile Games - War Robots

5. Survival Heroes

Survival Heroes is one of the best mobile games when combining two of the most popular game genres today, MOBA and Battle Royale. This combination has created an attraction for the Survival Heroes mobile version.

The warriors in Survival Heroes will have to fight to become the last survivor. To get items and powerful weapons force gamers to fight and defeat opponents.

The way of playing Survival Heroes in MOBA style that comes with Battle Royale gameplay will definitely give gamers a lot of fun with this attractive mobile game.

Online Mobile Games - Survival Heroes

6. Warface Mobile

Warface Mobile was born from the success of the PC version. Warface Mobile is an action role-playing game that attracts any gamer with fiery modes, extremely suffocating battles.

The role-playing game genre Warface Mobile unleashes the creativity of gamers when they can customize the character’s appearance. The items and accessories are not only diverse but also designed with glitter, making anyone want to own.

In the list of the most mobile games today, Warface Mobile is highly appreciated for the manufacturer’s creativity. For example, weapons are no less than the PC version, the battles are realistic and aggressive.

Online Mobile Games - Warface Mobile

7. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter builds an extremely thrilling combat universe. Each gamer’s fighting ability is brought up to an extremely superior level. The strength of the player is enough to destroy everything, master all climbing, flying skills…

The higher your level, the more your fighting ability is raised. With an arsenal of weapons and powerful items dedicated to the winners. The mobile game Cyber Hunter will make you feel free to explore the endless virtual world.

Like the elder Battle Royale games like PUBG Mobile, Rules Of Survival, Free Fire… Cyber Hunter allows gamers to participate in tactical battle for survival with modern game context.

Online Mobile Games - Cyber Hunter

8. Battle Prime Online

The attraction of Battle Prime Online is that you can choose the style of play that suits your preferences. Choose strength mode like Hulk to defeat all opponents, or speed like Flash. Gamers will be delighted with the great strength of the character.

Online Mobile Games - Battle Prime Online

Battle Prime is designed by the manufacturer with a rich arsenal of weapons for you to choose. In addtition, the graphics of Battler Prime are not inferior to any action games today.

Certainly gamers will get an impressive experience with this one of the best mobile games. If you haven’t downloaded Battle Prime game for your phone yet, do not hesitate any longer for trying!

9. Pubg Mobile

Not long ago, Pubg Mobile just had a new mode, Cold Front Survival, played on the snowy map Vikendi. The player must find a source of keeping warm otherwise they will be depleted by snowstorms.

The items for keeping the body warm are branches, warming bags, heaters, animals. In particular, the Drone item is a powerful weapon for gamers in this war of survival.

Online Mobile Games - Pubg Mobile

Since the addition of new features, Pubg Mobile has received many reviews from gamers. The positive point is the impressive and vivid graphics. However, this mobile game also received many poor reviews because of its large capacity or lag. Anyway, Pubg Mobile is still in the top of the most popular mobile survival games today.

10. Call of Duty Mobile

Super action game Call of Duty mobile version (CODM) has just appeared in the market but immediately created a trend. Millions of gamers have been fascinated by today’s most popular online game – Call of Duty.

Call of Duty has unique gameplay and top-notch graphics. Call of Duty RPG really creates a fierce, high-intensity, high-pressure playing field. For this experience that Call of Duty mobile version deserves to be the the hottest game today.

Online Mobile Games - Call of Duty Mobile

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